SOS - Episode 03 - License of the Galactic Heroes

Welcome to episode 03 of Space Opera Satellite! This week the guys have some pretty awesome news to kick off the show. If you haven't heard both the Anime and Novels for Legend of the Galactic Heroes have been licensed for release in the US! As you might expect we're all pretty excited about this fact and decided to have our friend Alex from MechaReporter join us to kick off the show and talk about the announcements. We do a run down of them and what we think of everything.

After that Patrick, Casey, and Tom jump right back into the show for a discussion of episodes 7 through 13! This bunch of episodes offered a lot of different insights into the world of LOGH which we were all pretty excited to talk about. We finally got some illumination into the historical and political realities of both the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliances that was quite interesting. So hit download and come join us in the sea of stars.

On the next episode we will be discussing episodes 14 through 19!

This episode features Ode to Joy and Symphony No 3 in E flat major Op 55 Eroica - II Marcia Funebre Adagio Assai by Beethoven

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