SOS - Episode 04 - Before The Storm

It's time for episode 04 of Space Opera Satellite, Before The Storm, covering episodes 14 through 17 of Legend of the Galactic Heroes. We are happy to be back to talk about more of those fancy galactic heroes.

Before that though there is a special announcement, going forward we will be covering slightly smaller chunks of the show at a time. Originally the plan was to cover the show in 6/7 episode parts, to make 13, but after episode 03 we realized that was a little bit much so instead we will now be discussing things in parts of 4/4/5. That still covers 13 episodes of the show but in one more episode of the podcast!

Jumping into this episode we have a lot of plot progression for our heroes. We jump right back into the FPA invasion of Imperial territory. This is met with mixed results and we get to see the fall out of these events and some major changes to both sides of the conflict. Also suddenly Emperor Palpatine?

Next time on the show we will be covering episodes 18 - 21

This episode features Dvorak's Symphony #9 in E Minor IV: Allegro con fuoco

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