The Cockpit - Episode 20 - First Gundam Part 1

The Cockpit is back! After a extended hiatus due to life and work I am very proud to be back and to bring you one of my favorite episodes yet.

This is the first in what will be an ongoing series on the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise. On this episode we will be discussing episodes 1-22 of the series, including Doan's Island. Joining me for this project are two of the best when it comes to Gundam, show regular and Gundam detective Tom Aznable and Kyle otherwise known as ANewtypeCentury on twitter.

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The Cockpit - Episode 19 - AnimeNEXT 2016

We're back and it's time for episode 19 of The Cockpit! On this episode your host Patrick is joined by show regular and Gundam detectiveTom Aznable his co-host on the Space Opera Satellite podcast and all around mecha fan Dylan.

The three of us attended AnimeNEXT 2016 together and decided to get together to talk about it. We did a number of panels focused on Mecha at the con and on top of that got to see some amazing guests like the folks from Trigger who worked on great shows like Gurren Lagann and Inferno Cop. All around it was a blast of a con so we hope you enjoy listening to us gush about the great time!

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The Cockpit - Episode 18 - Iron Blooded Orphans

It's time for episode 18 of The Cockpit talking Iron Blooded Orphans! On this episode your host Patrick is joined by show regular and Gundam detective Tom Aznable his co-host on the Space Opera Satellite podcast and Lauren Orsini from Otaku JournalistGunpla 101, and Anime News Network. 

The three of us have a lively discussion about the most recent Gundam TV series, Iron Blooded Orphans. We bounced around discussing a variety of topics including characters, themes, world building, and more. Enjoy the show!

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The Cockpit - Episode 17 - The Origin 2

Episode 17 of The Cockpit is here as Patrick sits down with Tom and Casey, his co-hosts on Space Opera Satellite, to talk about Gundam The Origin II: Artesia's Sorrow!

We discuss the adaptation so far and it's merit as a entry point into Gundam, whether or not this movie stands on it's own, and a number of different topics about the characterization of everyone in the story. There is also a pretty amusing discussion of Gundam dads and whether or not Don Teabolo Mass is the best Gundam dad. What do you think? Let us know!

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The Cockpit - Episode 16 - GaoGaiGar

Episode 16 of The Cockpit is here as Patrick gets together with returning guests Kate from the Reverse Thieves and Carl from Ogiue Maniax to discuss King of Braves GaoGaiGar. 

GaoGaiGar is the 8th entry in the Braves franchise from Takara and Sunrise. It is widely regarded as the best in the franchise and is definitely the most popular. This is out second discussion of the Braves series as we also discussed J-Decker a few episodes ago. This was a great discussion of a very interesting series. Have a listen and let all of us know what you thought of the King of Braves GaoGaiGar!

GaoGaiGar was released in the US by Media Blasters. It looks like it's out of print and getting a little hard to find but it is definitely still out there.

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The Cockpit - Episode 15 - Mazinger Z: The Impact

Welcome to episode 15 of The Cockpit as Patrick sits down with Dave the author of Kawaiikochans, Jason a writer from OtakuUSA, and Jesse the host of the Maximum Mecha podcast to talk about Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact also known as Shin Mazinger!

Shin Mazinger is the 2009 retelling of Mazinger Z by Yasuhiro Imagawa of Giant Robo fame. It's a flawed but epic story with some very interesting character work and storytelling elements that made for some really interesting conversation. The show was just recently released in the US by Discotek Media so be sure to check it out!

Enjoy The Show!

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The Cockpit - Episode 14 - Mecha at Otakon 2015

Episode 14 of The Cockpit is here as Patrick sits down with Gundam Detective Tom Aznable his co-host on Space Opera Satellite, twitter personality Hazukari, and Carl from Ogiue Maniax to discuss Otakon 2015.

There were actually a number of mecha related events at Otakon this year so I felt it would be worth it to have a show all about it and boy was it. The discussion covered a wide range of topics. First we discussed the crew of Aldnoah.Zero there were there, including director Ei Aoki, and what sounds like was an interesting panel. The discussion then moved to talks about Shinji Takamatsu, his poorly run Q&A session, and the awesome stuff Carl and the Reverse Thieves learned from him. Then we discussed Romi Park and her great Q&A session. There was also talk of the Aquarion art exhibit, panels, and plenty of tangents about Yoshiyuki Tomino. Finally we were joined by Ashe Blitzen to talk about the Gunpla Builders World Cup.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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The Cockpit - Episode 13 - Iron-Blooded Investigation

It's time for episode 13 of The Cockpit. On this episode your host Patrick is joined by show regular and Gundam detective Tom Aznable his co-host on the Space Opera Satellite podcast and new comer David from the Stasis Pod podcast. 

We got together to discuss the announcement of the new Gundam series, Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. Tom went through and gathered every bit of data he could find on the series so we lay down everything, including stuff you haven't seen reported much elsewhere and analyze it. We're all pretty curious and excited about the new show and hope you enjoy the discussion!

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The Cockpit - Episode 12 - Brave Up J-Decker

Welcome to episode 12 of The Cockpit! Time to talk Brave Police J-Decker! Now I am doing something a little bit different for this episode. A couple of years ago I recorded a podcast with Kate from Reverse Thieves and Carl from Ogiue Maniax. The podcast this was recorded for is long dead but I still felt we had a good discussion and the director of the series Shinji Takamatsu is actually going to be at Otakon so I decided to now would be a great time to rerelease it.

The three of us sat down for a discussion of J-Decker and talked quite a bit about the crazy and unique cast of the show. There was also a lot of discussion about how to watch these types of shows because they were produced to be episodic series for children. That can change the viewing experience for some people and it is something worth considering and talking about. I hope you enjoy the episode!

The Cockpit - Episode 11 - Something In G Reco

It's time for episode 11 of The Cockpit. On this episode your host Patrick is joined by show regular Tom Aznable his co-host on the Space Opera Satellite podcast and new comer Alex from the Mecha Reporter blog.

The three of us got together to finish the relatively recent series Gundam Reconguista in G otherwise known as G-Reco. We spent some time discussing the production and background of the series. After that we turned to attempting to both explain and analyze the events of the show which is no easy task. Needless to say this is a spoiler heavy episode but I think we offered a strong level of insight into this bizarre series that makes it worth the listen so enjoy!

The Cockpit - Episode 10 - Romance of Gunpla

Episode 10 of The Cockpit is here. The topic for this episode is the recently finished Gundam Build Fighters Try. I was joined by new guest Lauren Orsini from Otaku JournalistGunpla 101, and her new book Build Your Anime Blog and show regular Casey aka Minovsky Article on twitter. 

We had a great time discussing the ins and outs of the second season of Build Fighters. I will warn that this is a very spoiler heavy discussion. We didn't hold back on our feelings about the characters, battles, and where the show eventually ended up. There was a lot of fanboy/girling to be had over the course of this discussion and I hope you enjoy it. There was also a lot of great discussion at the end about where we would like to see the franchise go.

Don't forget you can watch all of Build Fighters Try on Youtube!

The Cockpit - Episode 9 - Expelled from Paradise

And episode 9 of The Cockpit is here! This is a shorter one which I am sure some people will appreciate. I sat down with Vinnie from All Geeks Considered to talk about Expelled from Paradise the new movie from Gen Urobuchi and Seiji Mizushima.

I think we both enjoyed the movie far more than was originally expected. We gave a bit of a breakdown of the movie, discussed the themes that are played with over the course of the film, and had a bit of a discussion about the Aniplex of America business model. I hope you enjoy the episode. Let us know what you thought in the comments too!

You can also preorder the Blu-Ray over on Right Stuf

The Cockpit - Episode 8 - Origins of the King

Episode 8 of The Cockpit has arrived! I am joined by two show regulars at this point Tom Aznable and Casey Mitchem for more Gundam talk!

We got together to have a discussion of the recently released episode 1 of  Gundam: The Origin. The conversation was casual and we bounced around as we discussed how we felt about the episode, if it works as an entry point, favorite characters, CG horses, and much more. There is also a pretty great little tangent about Gundam 0083 at the end.

As usual Tom was able to make releases come true because right after recording this episode the preorders for volume 12 of The Origin comic went up so check that out. 

Enjoy The Show!

The Cockpit - Episode 7 - Gunpla Dreams

Welcome to the triumphant return of The Cockpit. On this episode I am joined by the dynamic duo of Gunpla Tom Aznable and Ashe Blitzen. As you might suspect that means that this episode is all about Gunpla. This is a introductory conversation all about picking the right Gunpla and putting your own stamp on it. 

The episode breaks down like this:

  • Introductions and how we got into Gunpla
  • Different Types of Gunpla: Grades and Scales
  • Customization and Kitbashing
  • Starting Suit Suggestions
  • Tom and Ashe's favorite Suits

Enjoy The Show!

The Cockpit - Episode 6 - Bay Without The Beef

Welcome to another edition of The Cockpit Podcast! On this episode I am joined by two of my good friends Mark and Doug. Mark is the host of the Oriental Cartoon Show and Doug produces Toy Championship Wrasslin' and the Animated Action blog. 

If you follow any of us on Twitter or have heard our podcasts as part of the Oriental Cartoon Show you'll know that the three of us are all huge Transformers fans. I decided that we needed to get together to discuss the new movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction. We had a fairly off the cuff conversation about the movie and how we felt about it and how it compares to the other films.

The Cockpit - Episode 5 - Build Fighters

The Cockpit is back! After a long time away I am very excited to say that I am back and ready for a whole new round of episodes for The Cockpit. I am glad to be back and I hope you enjoy it!

For episode 5 of The Cockpit I am joined by my good friend Casey Mitchem, otherwise know as Minovsky Articles on Twitter. We got together to discuss the brand new anime series Gundam Build Fighters! We were both huge fans of the show and spend most of the time gushing about what made it such a special show. 

We opened the show with a discussion about the return of The Cockpit, collecting toy robots, and Anime Boston. After that we jumped right into our discussion of Build Fighters.

Enjoy The Show!

The Cockpit - Episode 4 - Pacific Rim

It's time to talk about big screen robots! Pacific Rim is here and is bringing Giant Robot vs. Monster action to the big screen in a big way. It opened a week ago and I know a ton of people that were excited about it. Obviously that means I need to podcast about it! 

This episode I am joined once again by the all powerful Reverse ThievesAl and Kate, and they brought along the incredibly knowledgable Carl from Ogiue Maniax for good measure. 

Fair warning this is a spoiler filled episode.

We began by talking about the story, characters, and incredible robot action that made the movie so special. We also had a great discussion analyzing why the movie performed how it did and why it didn't end up being the biggest blockbuster ever. Also whether or not we feel that type of movie could be a hit in the US. Enjoy!

The Cockpit - Episode 3 - The Origin

Episode 3 of The Cockpit is here and man is it a special one. As many of you might know the first volume of Gundam The Origin was just released in the US about 2 weeks ago from Vertical. To celebrate that release I got together with Ed Chavez the marketing director there to discuss the release. 

his ended up being an incredible conversation. We started by talking about how the release came about and how they felt about getting to do the release. We then discussed what makes The Origin such a special title and how exciting it is. Ed also gave us some insight into what it was like to work on such a big title like Gundam and all the different companies that have to be dealt with in doing that.

Ed also shared some of the awesome extras that are going to be included in some of the later volumes that all sound awesome. We rounded this discussion out by talking about how important this release is and that it is the fans chance to prove that Gundam is still a brand that matters in the US and that we need to support it all the way through so we can see more stuff like it in the US!

ive it a listen and make sure to share your thoughts! I had a fantastic time talking to Ed and I hope you enjoy listening. If you haven't checked it out yet there is a preview of the first chapter on Barnes and Noble. And don't forget to go out and preorder the next three volumes while you listen.

The Cockpit - Episode 2B - Lets Go Passion

Here it is everyone, Episode 2B of The Cockpit! In this episode Al and I finish up our discussion on Nadesico. We began talking about the Gekiganger 3 OVA. Going over what made it special and the odd fact that it took forever to get released here. The OVA also treated you to a full length Gekiganger story which was great. After that we talked about the blank three years that cover what happened between the television series and the movie. We explain some of it and a lot of why this information is missing. The last thing we discussed was The Prince of Darkness, the Nadesico movie. We talked about why it was such a shock to fans of the series and how confusing the story is. We talked about why it has such a bad reputation among fans of the series. And we even had some positive things to say about the movie!

So go check it out. We are both big fans of Nadesico and I think that came through pretty loud and clear in both parts of this podcast. We were also able to include a little rant about how everyone should preorder Gundam The Origin at the end. And don't forget to check out Reverse Thieves for more of Al. Hope you enjoy the show. 

Intro - Gekiganger 3 Theme - Let's Go Gekiganger 3

Outro - Gekiganger V Theme - Shori no V da Gekiganger V

The Cockpit - Episode 2A - You Get To Burning

Finally I am back with episode 2 of The Cockpit podcast! Sorry for the wait. I am joined once again by the great Alain from the Reverse Thieves. We got together this time to talk about Martian Successor Nadesico. This series is a favorite of both of ours from the 90s and we were really excited to talk about it. As you can see this is actually episode 2A and that is because episode 2 ended up being too long so it got split up into two parts.

In 2A we discussed all the stand out characters from the series and how interesting some of them are. We then moved on to a discussion of the story. I will say that the story discussion does turn into a bit of a summary at times so I will warn you that this is very spoiler heavy. As you might have guessed part B is going to cover both the Gekigangar 3 OVA and The Prince of Darkness Movie. So listen up and enjoy the show!