The Cockpit - Episode 1 - It's Space Time!

And here we go! Welcome to episode one of The Cockpit podcast. This podcast is going to be my place to discuss all sorts of cool stuff surrounding mecha anime, games, and manga. It is going to start out as a monthly series but if things work out right I might try to speed that schedule up over time.

Anyway for episode one I am joined by Alain who is one part of the blogger duo over at the Reverse Thieves and Dave from Astro ToyColony Drop and Kawaiikochan

The three of us got together to talk about Kamen Rider Fourze. The show just ended and we were all watching it as it ran so I figured it would be a great topic of discussion. This was mostly a general rundown of the show and the things we loved about it. We tried to keep it mostly spoiler free so that people can give it a listen without having watched the show. And please let us know your thoughts on the show too!