The Cockpit - Episode 10 - Romance of Gunpla

Episode 10 of The Cockpit is here. The topic for this episode is the recently finished Gundam Build Fighters Try. I was joined by new guest Lauren Orsini from Otaku JournalistGunpla 101, and her new book Build Your Anime Blog and show regular Casey aka Minovsky Article on twitter. 

We had a great time discussing the ins and outs of the second season of Build Fighters. I will warn that this is a very spoiler heavy discussion. We didn't hold back on our feelings about the characters, battles, and where the show eventually ended up. There was a lot of fanboy/girling to be had over the course of this discussion and I hope you enjoy it. There was also a lot of great discussion at the end about where we would like to see the franchise go.

Don't forget you can watch all of Build Fighters Try on Youtube!