The Cockpit - Episode 2B - Lets Go Passion

Here it is everyone, Episode 2B of The Cockpit! In this episode Al and I finish up our discussion on Nadesico. We began talking about the Gekiganger 3 OVA. Going over what made it special and the odd fact that it took forever to get released here. The OVA also treated you to a full length Gekiganger story which was great. After that we talked about the blank three years that cover what happened between the television series and the movie. We explain some of it and a lot of why this information is missing. The last thing we discussed was The Prince of Darkness, the Nadesico movie. We talked about why it was such a shock to fans of the series and how confusing the story is. We talked about why it has such a bad reputation among fans of the series. And we even had some positive things to say about the movie!

So go check it out. We are both big fans of Nadesico and I think that came through pretty loud and clear in both parts of this podcast. We were also able to include a little rant about how everyone should preorder Gundam The Origin at the end. And don't forget to check out Reverse Thieves for more of Al. Hope you enjoy the show. 

Intro - Gekiganger 3 Theme - Let's Go Gekiganger 3

Outro - Gekiganger V Theme - Shori no V da Gekiganger V