The Cockpit - Episode 3 - The Origin

Episode 3 of The Cockpit is here and man is it a special one. As many of you might know the first volume of Gundam The Origin was just released in the US about 2 weeks ago from Vertical. To celebrate that release I got together with Ed Chavez the marketing director there to discuss the release. 

his ended up being an incredible conversation. We started by talking about how the release came about and how they felt about getting to do the release. We then discussed what makes The Origin such a special title and how exciting it is. Ed also gave us some insight into what it was like to work on such a big title like Gundam and all the different companies that have to be dealt with in doing that.

Ed also shared some of the awesome extras that are going to be included in some of the later volumes that all sound awesome. We rounded this discussion out by talking about how important this release is and that it is the fans chance to prove that Gundam is still a brand that matters in the US and that we need to support it all the way through so we can see more stuff like it in the US!

ive it a listen and make sure to share your thoughts! I had a fantastic time talking to Ed and I hope you enjoy listening. If you haven't checked it out yet there is a preview of the first chapter on Barnes and Noble. And don't forget to go out and preorder the next three volumes while you listen.