The Cockpit - Episode 4 - Pacific Rim

It's time to talk about big screen robots! Pacific Rim is here and is bringing Giant Robot vs. Monster action to the big screen in a big way. It opened a week ago and I know a ton of people that were excited about it. Obviously that means I need to podcast about it! 

This episode I am joined once again by the all powerful Reverse ThievesAl and Kate, and they brought along the incredibly knowledgable Carl from Ogiue Maniax for good measure. 

Fair warning this is a spoiler filled episode.

We began by talking about the story, characters, and incredible robot action that made the movie so special. We also had a great discussion analyzing why the movie performed how it did and why it didn't end up being the biggest blockbuster ever. Also whether or not we feel that type of movie could be a hit in the US. Enjoy!